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Build a healthier culture.

For your organization and our country.

Organizational and societal health go hand-in-hand. 


When we build organizations that are more diverse and welcoming for people of all backgrounds and perspectives, we build the health defenses for our civil society.

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D.O.C. focuses on understanding the unique needs of your organization, so you can get a handle on the specific risks to your mission posed by polarization. Below you'll find the types of programs we can design for you depending on the approach you'd find the most valuable. Reach out to start the conversation!

John Wood, Jr. – National Ambassador, Braver Angels

"Randy Lioz is one of the most dynamic innovators in the depolarization field... Randy has excelled in bringing people of disparate political attitudes together, as well as developing the infrastructure for such work to achieve greater scale. Any enterprise would benefit from his indefatigable commitment and his passionate conviction."


D.O.C. was founded by Randy Lioz, a workshop facilitator, speaker and writer who spent over 5 years working for a nonprofit focused on addressing the growing challenge of political polarization.


While leading the partnerships initiative, he worked with many organizations that were experiencing this rift within their staff and leaders. He ran training and discussion workshops, and designed custom programs to address organizational needs. 

He now brings that experience to D.O.C.

Randy Lioz
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